About us

One of the most beautiful childhood memories and moments at our home was the arrival of the chests from aunt Eleni, from America.

The time when we opened the chests with my mum was “the time of miracles”. We used to take out all these magical, colorful but most of all, unconventional-especially at that time in Greece- clothes. And then what? The following part was even more magical! How could our stylish and elegant mum, having a good knowledge of sewing, change and adapt them to our size?

My family’s house was full of “treasures” coming from all around the world. My dad, a captain in Merchant Navy, used to send us parcels filled with objects from faraway countries.

Getting married to a trader makes me come in touch with the branch of trade in the central market of the island. The store was set up in 1947, when my husband’s father and uncle-young men back then- were trying to stand on their feet in a country devastated from the war.

Therefore, I find myself once again in a place where there are several “chests” , full of wares of old times, which I want to save, utilize and finally, end up to people who appreciate their value. My desire to open wardrobes, warehouses and attics and moreover, my firm belief that things should change hands, was the reason why the idea and realization of the e-shop vintage corner came.  What satisfies and rewards me is the smiles on your faces when you wear, decorate or create something entirely different in the period of fast fashion, fast decoration and copy paste.

So, have a nice “surfing”, wishing you to discover your own “treasure”.

Anna Koss