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Vintage Tea cup and two saucers 1950s
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Tea cup and two saucers

Three pieces have been left from this dinnerware. They are so light and transparent that drinking tea on them was a great event for us while being children at that time. Perhaps it was mom's advice to pay attention to such delicate cups that they were not broken, or perhaps it was due to their rare use. This dinnerware was used only on important feasts of the family. The transparency of their porcelain “was twiddling” with the light in the living room and the geishas were dancing in front of our eyes.

Diameter of the surface of the cup 10cm.

Diameter of the cup bases 4cm.

Height  of the cup 5 cm.

Weight 60 g

Diameter of the dish 14 cm.

Weight of the dish 100 gr.

Weight of 3 pieces 260 gr.

Diameter of the plate 14 cm.

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