The eighties was the decade when lacquer was   tops in everyone’s preferences.

I love colour in every aspect of my life, in my clothes, in my accessories, even in my home. In   1988 I started my own   home and my choice of furniture was inevitably   grey and white lacquer. All the decorative ornaments were chosen accordingly. This jewellery box was given to me as a present  by my sister in law on her engagement day as  it is  customary for the bride to buy gifts for the groom’s mother and siblings. It was chosen to match perfectly with our bedroom. These past thirty years it has adorned  my dressing table and at the same time harboured  my jewellery. There’s  a button  at the bottom of the box  which I used to wind so as to enjoy the delightful music the moment I opened the it. The interior is covered in velvet, which is stained by a rose pedal and a mirror. There’s a sticker indicating Japan.


Length   19,5cm

Width   13 cm

Height   7 cm

Weight   600 grams

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